Hourly Rates

Prices may vary, depending on the amount of work involved to complete each job. Free and non-obligatory estimate will be provided before starting any work.
Prices subject to VAT.

Gas Services Fixed Prices

Boiler replacement Supply and fit new combi boiler with 7 years warranty, MagnaClean filter, scale reducer, powerflush, inhibitors and room thermostat included £2200
Boiler Servicing Plus any service parts (gaskets, seals etc) £80
Boiler Repairs Price depends on which part has to be replaced £89-300
Landlord Gas Safety Certificates  For all Gas appliances £75
Radiator replacement labour only To move to another chosen place £150 on the wall
Powerflush For unvented systems and open vented systems £400-500
Central Heating System Upgrades New 7 Year Warranty Combi-Boiler, up to 10 new radiators installed in any location, New Central Heating Pipework throughout the house and New Hot and Cold water Pipework run up to the Bath and Kitchen. £5500
Heating Controls Replacement Supply and fit Smart Thermostat £380
Gas Cooker Installations  Clients supply their own cooker a £89
Gas Hob Installations Providing clients supply their own hob £150


HeatMe Plumbing can supply all materials for the customers
convenience at trade prices.

Invoice & Payment

An invoice will be issued on completion of the works. Payment
can be made by cash, card or by bank transfer upon
satisfactory completion.

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